Computer Fundamentals

Computer is definitely an advanced digital camera that can take raw data as input in the user and procedures it underneath the charge of group of instructions (known as program), provides the result (output), and saves it for future years use.

This Computer Basic principles tutorial covers a foundational knowledge of computing devices, software, os’s, peripheral devices etc. together with how you can obtain the most value and impact from computer systems.


This tutorial continues to be ready for the beginners in addition to advanced students who wish to cope with computer systems. This tutorial can also be very helpful for that undergraduate students laptop or computer science, engineering, business, management, science, commerce and humanities where an opening course on computer systems is part of curriculum. After finishing this tutorial you’ll find yourself in a moderate degree of knowledge of understanding laptop or computer fundamentals from where one can take you to ultimately next levels


Understanding of computer systems isn’t a prerequisite to follow along with the items in this tutorial. This tutorial assumes no background in computer systems or computer-programming.